Apex Boardcovers

Apex Boardcovers


The humble surfboard cover, not always seen as the sexiest wedge of the surf market, deserves some respect. And some love. The board bag is a portal to palm trees and spinning coral reef tubes. Or the gateway to golden-cold mornings with offshore plumes and thunderous cracks on reef. A surfboard bag is a fundamental part of being a surfer.

Lao Tzu said that a thousand-mile journey begins with a single step. Old Tzuy may have been one of the most legendary ancient Chinese philosophers, but he'd obviously never packed his favourite quiver up in board bag and chased a swell to Indo.

“I start all my trips by packing my board bag,” said the Ulladulla slab hunter and sage Russel Bierke. “I swear, I still get butterflies. It’s the excitement and the expectation. Surf trips are always a roll of the dice and you can end up doubting your own forecasting abilities. A new model is always coming in, so your base layer reference will suddenly disappear. But you make the call to go and when you pack the surfboard bag, it feels real. You can’t help but imagine the waves you might score.”

“I’ve been with Ocean & Earth since, well, forever. It’s a family-owned and operated business, run by surfers for surfers,” said Ryan Callinan. “Every time I get something new the product is insane. The APEX though is next level. The team has massively upgraded the most important piece of surf kit I own. My life on the road just got easier.”

RCal was referring to the APEX, O & E’s top-end travel surfboard covers designed for shortboards, fishes and longboards. They are available from 5’8” to 10’0”, going from single covers up to five board travel cover. Whilst we could go into the incredible tech specs (and don’t worry, we will drill deep into the details in future blogs), you just need to know that these are surfboard covers you can trust.

And they look incredible. Sleek, stylish and stealthy. But protection is paramount. The structured external shell (XPS) is for high-impact defence. The internally positioned cushioning pads and compression straps (IPS) then cradles and cushion your precious cargo.

With an average surfboard costing up to $1500, a three-board quiver is a big investment worth protecting. The APEX board bags’ mix of durability and innovation means you can forget the hassle of bubble wrap and pool noodles. Leave your clothes in your luggage, where they belong.

The APEX is built to protect boards and nothing else. That means you can lean into the flight, anticipate that first cold beer and dream of swooping into that first, ruler-edged set of the day.

Sustainability is at the for-front of our minds here at Ocean & Earth. We've been around to see a few things here and there over the 44 years in the industry and we know that poor workmanship = landfill at the end of the day. Our aim is to create surfboard covers that last a life time. So we see it only fitting that the APEX series has a lifetime warranty to back that statement up. 

We assure you against faulty workmanship or defective materials for the entire lifecycle of the surfboard bag and if you have issues, we will repair or replace it, free of charge. That’s as rare as rocking horse dung in the surf industry.

"Everything that O & E provides is a massive part of my lifestyle. From the wetsuit bucket to the leash, to the tail pad, and my surfboard cover,” said Kanoa Igarashi. “Everything I have from O&E is essential. I need it, otherwise, I can’t do what I do. The APEX is just another example of a product that makes my surfing life easier. That means more waves and more good times. More of the things that matter. It’s a lifetime of trust.”

Trust matters and the APEX range delivers. Boards aren’t getting any cheaper, and the world isn’t getting any smaller. “It’s just peace of mind. Adventure and travel come with risks and rewards,” concludes Bierke the bombie slayer. “You just gotta pull the trigger and open yourself to the experience. Knowing your boards will get there safe is a pretty bloody good way to start..."

Words by Ben Mondy