Something in the Walters | Dakoda & Harley

Something in the Walters | Dakoda & Harley

We caught up recently with both Dakoda and Harley Walters for a little chat. Harls was just heading out Snapper rocks, while Kodes was resting his injured ankle he sustained from a crazy corrupt flip in a recent event.

Hey Kodes, hey Harls… howzit?

(Harley enters room in the distance, preparing his gear, swiftly trying to get out and surf)

Where are you going surfing?

Harley – I am just hitting snapper! It’s been so fun the last couple of days, it’s a bit smaller today, but the first part of the swell was amazing. Sorry, but waves are pumping I am out there! Catch ya later!

(Harley leaves the room as quick as he enters and heads out to Snapper (watch here), Kodes is left to answer the questions )

Kodes, how have you been whilst Snapper has been pumping and you have had to rest your ankle?

Dakoda – I’ve been alright, wish I was heading out with Harl’s. Been doing rehab 5 days a week and when I can I’ve been playing golf just to stay away from beach, so I don’t get too frustrated. The surf has been pumping last week at Snapper so it’s been a bit hard to miss all those crazy sessions. The first four weeks of the injury was ok as the surf was flat, so it was kinda good, but this last two week, watching everyone getting crazy pitted was hard to watch.

How’s the rehab going? Gym or garage?

Dakoda – Been going to the HPC (Surfing Australia High Performance Centre) a couple hours every day, so I am lucky to have that close by. They have a great team helping me get back into the water at full strength. Since the waves have been pumping the last two weeks the HPC centre has been empty lately, so I have nearly had it to myself. Hopefully I can start getting back in the water the a few weeks’ time. It is killing me watching all these crazy waves

Getting a 10 with a lofty corrupt flip and blowing your ankle out is insane! With all that rehab afterwards are you hesitant going above the lip in the future?

Dakoda - I’m sure the first surf it will feel a bit tender! The main thing for me will be the mental scar more so than the injury itself. I just need to believe in myself and know that I have done the hard work in rehab to make it ok. Once I get past that mental scarring and get a few sessions under my belt, I am sure my confidence will come back. I kinda don’t think when I am on a wave, so hopefully it’ll just happen naturally!

(Watch ankle breaking flip here)

You been packing on the kilos whilst you’re out of the water to buff those ankles up?

Dakoda - I have been trying to put on weight. Man, I am such a small person by frame, so I have been trying to pack some mass on but haven’t really budged considering I’ve been doing so much rehab.

Who’ve you got your eyes on for upcoming surfers now?

Dakoda - Far out, I’m not too sure, Harl’s?  haha. I don’t know too much about the new generation of kids coming up, but it seems like everyone is surfing so well these days. It really feels like surfing is in such good hands for the future and everyone is just pushing each other to new limits. I am just someone who froths on surfing and loves watching it so much.

When was the last time you surfed down the South Coast NSW?

Dakoda - I think maybe like a year or a year and a half ago. Came down and shot some clips with a mate for an Epokhe film that’s coming out. We didn’t get anything epic but surfed some sick little beachies and couple of slabs. The waves are so sick down there and so uncrowded.

What’s the plans post rehab and for the rest of the year?

Dakoda – I am going to try and get a couple of wild cards in some of the challenger series events if I can, otherwise I will do the regional QS and have a crack at that. Just film a bunch, and work on my surfing. Nothing set in stone but just want to keep pushing my surfing and having fun.

Well good luck with the rehab and hope to see you back down the South Coast soon.