Dakoda Walters

Dakoda Walters is regarded as one of the best up and coming surfers in the world in both competition and free surfing.

His explosive new age surfing is sure to rattle everyone he competes against in competition, while the video clips he drops regularly shows why he is regarded as one of the best young free surfers in the world.

Growing up on the wave-rich coastline of Yamba in Northern NSW, Australia, Dakoda’s surfing was shaped by a mix of classic point breaks and epic beaches. On top of this his father Jeremy was an ex professional surfer, who in his day won many titles within Australia.

Dakoda has won many Australian titles to date and with his surfing continually jumping to the next level each year, it’s up to Dakoda whether he wants to be a free surfer, on the World Tour or both. But whatever he chooses he will excel given his natural surfing ability.