Ryan Callinan

Ryan Callinan hails from the surf rich beach of Merewether, Newcastle, where legends of the sport Mark Richards (4 x World Champion), Luke Egan and Matt Hoy also grew up.

Growing up surfing with his idols and some of the best surfers in the world, shaped Ryan’s surfing. Known as one of the most exciting surfers on the planet, his unpredictably, speed and style, make him one of the fan favourites to watch.

Regarded as one of the best free surfers in the world, in 2016 he tried his ability on the World Qualifying series, and the following year was on the World Tour competing for a world title. He struggled adjusting his free surfing nature to competition in the first two years, but by 2019 had hit his straps and placed 14th.

The last couple years Ryan has remained in the top 15, while pushing his free surfing to the next level. Where Ryan ends up only he knows, but as surfing fans we will always be waiting that next surfing clip he drops.